Life threatening situation? Always call 112

How much does a visit to the GP emergency room cost?

If you are insured in the Netherlands, the costs will be reimbursed to the GP emergency post, because this is covered by the basic package. Medication and blood tests are covered by the deductible.  Tourists and patients who cannot prove that they are insured must pay directly at the GP emergency station. They can claim the costs from their health insurer.

Our rates in 2023

Determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority in euros:

  • Consultation € 193,51
  • Visit € 290,27
  • Triage consultation € 35,00

Do you have questions about your invoice? Send an e-mail to administratie@dehuisartsenconnectie.nl and mention the invoice and debtor number.

Depending on your situation, you will receive a:

  1. Telephone advice. You will receive an explanation and telephone advice from the triagist, (checked afterwards by the GP). This is also called a triage consultation .
  2. Consultation. The triage nurse will make an appointment for you at the GP emergency station. There, a general practitioner or nurse specialist/physician assistant will examine you. 
  3. Telephone consultation. The GP or nurse specialist/physician assistant will call you back. This is also called a digital consultation , which is done via video calling or by telephone.
  4. Visits. The GP will visit you at home. A visit is only possible if you are unable to come to the out-of-hours GP service for medical reasons. 

Please note: you can only pay by debit card at the GP emergency station!